Why 55+ Communities Are Growing in Popularity


More senior citizens are choosing to move to 55+ communities instead of retiring elsewhere or even staying in their houses. These places aren’t to be confused with assisted living facilities. 55+ communities are no different from regular residential areas, except that no one under the age of 55 can move into them.

According to the CDC, people who reach the age of 80 can live up to 10 more years, so it’s likely that you will need to secure your future and your safety. The fact is that living in a regular residential area comes with its own set of issues, and that’s why 55+ communities might be the best option for you and your spouse. Let’s find out about the growing popularity of these communities!

Spaces Designed for Seniors

While there are different types of communities made for senior citizens, 55+ communities are designed to offer a typical living experience with the addition of excellent amenities Alongside apartment-style living, there are amenities on the community’s property that residents can take advantage of, like a hair salon, a billiards room, and more. They’re designed to cater to a certain age group, so they’re more comfortable for older residents, too. You can enjoy maintenance-free living, bring your pets, and enjoy in-unit laundry, too. With so many great amenities offered within walking distance to the residents’ beautiful apartments, it’s no wonder more retirees are choosing to live in 55+ communities.

A Sense of Community and Friendship

One of the main benefits of moving to 55+ communities is that you can make friends with people your age. If you stay in your house for many years, you’ll see people moving away, new families arrive, and might experience loneliness as your own family moves on. That’s why these areas are growing in popularity since they offer a sense of community and friendship that might be lacking in other places.

A Kid-Free Environment

While a senior citizen may love kids, they can be rambunctious. Young families can be difficult to live next to, especially because older folks often enjoy some peace and quiet. Plus, many retirees want to be able to connect with other people of similar age. Moving to a 55+ community is the perfect solution for this.

Now that you know why 55+ communities are gaining popularity, you may decide that joining one is in your best interest. Contact Connect55+ today to learn about our many locations!

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