How Do the Best 55+ Communities Help Residents Live Long and Healthy Lives?

How Do the Best 55+ Communities Help Residents Live Long and Healthy Lives?


People love to live in familiar surroundings and among generally like-minded people. That partly is why many older adults greatly prefer living in communities that only accept tenants who are age 55 and over. According to the AHCA, There are approximately 28,900 assisted living communities with nearly one million licensed beds in the United States today, so how do you find the best one? The best 55+ communities provide their residents with many benefits, and the following are just a few.

Greater Security While Enjoying Peace

Few things can be more annoying for those who are age 55 and over than living among a bunch of loud and rude people. It also can be terrifying for senior citizens who have legitimate concerns about potential criminal activity. Many seniors and older adults know that criminals tend to target the elderly.

The best 55+ communities have security personnel on duty around the clock. They also have community rules against loud noise and enforce them. Older tenants generally don’t play loud music at all hours, host large parties, or deal drugs from their apartments. Every resident should feel safe and deserves the peace and quiet they desire.

Residential Units Built With Older Adults in Mind

The best 55+ communities won’t make you climb up and down stairs or live while sandwiched between two other apartments. You won’t have to worry about hearing young kids running overheard or beneath your unit because the residential buildings are single-level. The best communities will also have relatively large living spaces that can hold all of your belongings that you’ve acquired over the decades. You can make it into a truly welcoming and comfortable home.

Amenities Geared Toward Older Adults

The best 55+ communities offer the kinds of amenities that older residents truly can use and that make their daily lives easier. Amenities commonly include a washer and dryer in each unit to keep clothes and linens clean. A dishwasher makes it a lot easier to cook and maintain a clean kitchen, central air conditioning keeps things cool on hot summer days, and heaters for warmth in the winter.

A senior community might have a pickleball court instead of a basketball court. A gym and Jacuzzi might be available to help support active lifestyles. These communities often include outdoor grills for outdoor cooking. They might even organize group activities that enable residents to have fun and get to know each other better.

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