What Kinds of Workers Can You Find at Active Senior Living Communities?


When you or a loved one moves to a senior living community, the general expectation is to find a community that will make you feel at home. This is especially important since people who reach age 80 live another eight to 10 years on average according to the CDC. But who are the workers you can find at active senior living communities that help you feel at home? Here are a few of them.

1. Maintenance Workers

Senior living communities are strictly maintained because the elderly can be vulnerable. The maintenance workers ensure there are no hazards like burned-out lighting and cracked sidewalks that make for tripping hazards. They also keep surfaces clean to prevent the spread of illnesses.

2. Amenities Employees

Active senior living communities offer various amenities. Depending on the community, there may be a hair salon, chapel, movie theater, or even a mail room. These amenities need workers to run them, so you’ll find many kind employees throughout the community.

3. Senior Activities Directors

In every community, you will find a senior activities director who ensures the residents have things to do. They plan common activities like trips to museums and even shopping. Also, they organize bingo games, exercise groups, yoga, and karaoke events. All the while, they work with other personnel like the intake staff and marketing professionals to improve the look and feel of the facilities.

Many active senior living communities have maintenance workers, employees that run the amenities, and senior activities directors. However, there are numerous other jobs. Drop by our active senior living communities and see the various workers in action.

Source of content: https://www.connect55.com/what-kinds-of-workers-can-you-find-at-active-senior-living-communities/