How to Choose Among Active Senior Living Communities in Your Area

How to Choose Among Active Senior Living Communities in Your Area


Although all active adult communities aim to provide members with the greatest location to retire, there are numerous differences between them. While some areas are like little neighborhoods, others are like huge resort-style settings. Since people who reach the age of 80 live another eight to 10 years on average according to the Center for Disease Control, there are more active senior living communities than ever. There are some common, useful methods that can help in the search for active senior living communities in your area. Below are some of them.

Choose a Retirement Location

The first step is to choose a place to live. Retirement locations require a lot of thought. Alongside being close to family and friends, the climate is equally important. Active adult communities provide a wide range of facilities, but the region around the community is just as significant. Some active senior living communities are in tiny towns, suburbs, or large cities. Others are nearby mountains, deserts, beaches, and even northern towns.

Determine Care Level

There are several options for elder care, from independent living homes for seniors who are still active to assisted living facilities with different levels of care to places that specialize in memory care. Different communities and facilities are available at each level of care. Focus your search based on your preferences to get the appropriate degree of care for your senior.

Plan Your Budget

Homes that fit various budgets are available in the diverse, active adult communities. Consider any community fees in addition to the cost of the home when making relocation plans. Even though many facilities are often included in the basic fees, certain communities may charge extra for memberships or other costs for tennis, golf, classes, or other activities. Ensure you take the cost of living into account before you decide.

Talk With Friends and Neighbors

Speak with friends or neighbors who have looked at active senior living communities in your area or a senior who has already moved into one. The most reliable information comes from first-hand reports, so use your network to your advantage while researching. Additionally, the community marketing team can offer to set you up with a resident for lunch and conversation.

Visit the Community

You should visit each community that interests you before moving too far ahead in the decision-making process. Schedule your appointment with marketing personnel ahead to receive a comprehensive tour to inspect the facilities, such as bedding. Ensure you wear supportive shoes the day of your tour because you’ll probably be doing a lot of walking.

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