What is an active adult community? 5 Things to know

According to the World Health Organization, more than 1/4 of adults worldwide are physically inactive. This means that if they continue living without exercise, they could be seriously risking their health as they age.

Regular exercise is not only just for keeping your body physically fit, it is also essential for keeping your mind sharp, your bones strong, and supporting your bodily functions.

Unfortunately, keeping active is not so easy as an older adult, as there are fewer options available, and fewer people to exercise with. This is why many adults are joining an active adult community, so they can exercise safely, have more options, and get social while doing so.

So what is an active adult community, and how can it help you to live a healthier lifestyle?

Thankfully, we’ve created this article to teach you everything you need to know about finding the best active adult communities, and the perks of joining one. Keep on reading to learn more.

What is An Active Adult Community?

Active adult communities are large retirement communities that focus on improving the health and quality of life of their aging residents. Usually, these buildings are for ages 55 and up, as they all can relate to each other and share similar experiences of their lives.

These communities are much different than residential care facilities, or regular independent living facilities, as they focus more on health and wellness. The communities are set up a bit differently as well, with condos, townhouses, single small homes that are all located on the property.

An active adult community is best for those who want to enjoy the simple living of retirement, but do not want to end up becoming lazy or unhealthy due to the lack of stimulation.

The Pros and Cons of Active Adult Communities

Active adult communities offer much more perks than just physical exercise, they offer a new way of living that can challenge and improve your health in various aspects. Including your emotional health, mental health, spiritual health, and of course, physical health.

Pro- Easy Living

When you retire, you want to focus on the activities and hobbies that you most enjoy, not waste your time on the mundane hassles like cleaning, laundry, gardening, house repairs, and cooking every single day.

If you want to go partake in a tennis lesson, you don’t have to think about needing to do your laundry and clean the house, as that is included in the services of the community.

Pro- All the Amenities

The amenities of active adult communities vary depending on which community you decide to live in. Some of the most common amenities of active adult communities include:

  • Hiking and nature walking
  • Exercise classes
  • Spas, gym facilities, and fitness classes
  • Zumba and other dance classes
  • Yoga, chair yoga, and stretching classes

The amenities don’t stop there, as there are other types of benefits of living in an active adult community, including various food options and activities such as:

  • Lounges with happy hours
  • Games and trivia nights
  • Dancing lessons
  • Cinemas
  • Pet friendly activities
  • Outings and excursions
  • Relaxation and meditation classes

Living on your own would seem boring when compared to the active and fun lifestyle you would enjoy when living in an active adult community.

Pro- Safety, and Security

Living in an active adult community provides a deeper sense of security not only for physical health and safety but also for emotional health too. Most locations are equipped with alarm systems that ensure you are well-protected, and that there are people who can check on you.

They also provide a sense of community and connection as you bond with other residents while you partake in classes and social events. This gives you the feeling of being seen, heard, and related on your experiences.

Con- Everyone Is the Same Age

According to the fair housing act, over 80% of the residents must be ages 55 and older. While this is typically a bonus for many people living in active adult communities, this can also be difficult for those who prefer to live in neighborhoods with other people of diverse ages.

Con- Care is Minimal

An active adult community is designed for adults aged 55 and older who are independent and do not require a lot of extra care. If your mental or physical health is declining, you may need more care than these types of communities provide.

What Is the Cost of Active Adult Communities?

The cost of active adult communities varies greatly depending on the state, city, and location you choose to live in. While there are multiple locations across the United States, different states and cities are different in terms of weather, environment, and costs of living.

For example, living in San Francisco or New York will be more expensive than an active adult community in Texas or Nebraska. The cost of living also depends on the size of the suite you decide to live in, whether it is a townhouse, or a one or two-bedroom apartment.

Active adult communities also vary with their level of luxury, as you can find a nice beachfront community at a higher price, or a smaller community located in the woods for a more affordable monthly cost.

No matter the price of the place you decide on, consider focusing more on the value that you receive rather than the dollars you will be spending. The difference of a couple of hundred dollars could mean a better quality of life, with a more comfortable environment!

Learn More About Living in an Active Adult Community

Living in an active adult community is both fulfilling and satiating to the mind, body, and soul. Now that you know the benefits of living in an active adult community, you must begin by researching the places you would like to live in.

To learn more about moving to an active adult community, or if you want to book a tour, feel free to contact us at any time!

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