Are You 55+? Here’s Why You Should Join an Active Senior Living Community


The share of people aged 65 and above in the total population of USA is projected to increase from 16.9% in 2020 to 22% in 2050. As the elderly population rises, people are becoming increasingly aware of how to live worry-free in their golden years. Today, Americans often plan to retire early at the age of 62 since they can receive Social Security retirement benefits at this age itself.

It’s therefore important to start planning for a relaxed post-retirement life even earlier. Those who wish to live independently after 55 while also having access to convenient amenities, it’s a good idea to join an active senior living community. An example is a 55+ community, an established active living area where at least one resident above 55 can live in each property.

Here are the many reasons why you can consider being a part of an active senior living community after you turn 55.

Affordable Cost of Living

Houses in 55+ communities are usually small, and you may find them in areas with townhouses, condos, and apartments. These small units are a good way to downsize your life when you are beginning a new chapter.

The average monthly rent in USA is more than $1,300 in 2023. Americans who wish to move, need to pay even higher prices. But you can purchase a retirement home in an active senior living community at a much lower price. The monthly cost of living varies from one state to another.

Moreover, property taxes are usually lower in such a community since they necessarily don’t have to support after-school programs and school funding like other residential neighborhoods do.

Widespread Locations

You can find a reputed 55+ community in nearly all the major states in the US. For instance, you can find it in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, and other important states. So, it’s easy to find a retirement home in such a community in a suitable location. Often, as an added advantage, a 55+ community is strategically located near quality healthcare facilities.

Multiple Amenities and Low-Maintenance

A great benefit of joining an active retirement community is that you can get abundant amenities. Also, the maintenance of the home, landscape, and the entire community is often taken care of.

If you become a part of a top 55+ community, you can access various amenities as follows to make your life easy and vibrant:

  • Hair salon
  • Multi-denominational chapel
  • Game room
  • Billiards room
  • Craft room
  • Computer room
  • Movie theater
  • Gym
  • Serenity room
  • Community room with a kitchen
  • Library
  • Mailroom

Safety and Security

Our active senior living communities utilize security technology and are strategically located in places with low crime rates. If you have guests, they will generally have to be approved by the residents of the community. Therefore, there’s no cause for worry regarding safety.

A 55+ community also offers a peaceful and loving environment where elderly people get to live together in harmony. For all these reasons, it’s good to join such a community to live a stress-free independent post-retirement life.

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