Why is Independent Senior Living Growing in Popularity?


An independent senior living community is exclusively for those 55+ (or in some cases, 60 or 62+) in search of an active and independent lifestyle in a community setting. It is usually an apartment-style facility with easy navigation and no yard works like snow removal. They are built by conceptualizing the specific wants and needs of older adults. The best one can provide engaging amenities, a convenient location and kind staff. All of these work wonders to reduce loneliness in seniors while improving their physical and mental health.

The senior living market is estimated to grow at CAGR 5.65% between 2022 and 2027 to touch $91.37 billion. One of the top reasons is the comfort and benefit provided by these vibrant retirement communities. No wonder they are extensively growing in popularity all across the nation and around the globe.

Below are a few detailed reasons why senior communities are becoming the best living option for independent, active adults over traditional homes.

Low Maintenance Living

An experienced, hardworking and dedicated team is present to maintain the home and make lives easier for older adults. They no longer have to:

  • check the gutters
  • pay attention to plumbing
  • restock cleaning supplies
  • inspect fire and security devices and
  • conduct exterior and interior repair works

Conveniences like these all-round the year are one of the first reasons why seniors consider transitioning from their houses to communities. The staff will make sure their apartment is running smoothly so the residents can sit, relax and enjoy their days.


The American Public Health Association says that socialization improves mood, memory recall and cognition while inducing healthy behaviors in seniors. It keeps their brain sharp and lowers the risks of depression and Alzheimer’s. A good community is usually tight-knit where older adults can come as strangers and start living as friends. They are welcomed by affectionate neighbors with who one can try new experiences and enjoy life to the fullest. The staff is devoted to senior well-being so they do not feel isolated or anxious.

Activities Galore

Seniors have an apartment to themselves while being just a short walk away from friends living in the same community. Together, they may participate in ample fun and exciting activities like watching movies, art and craft, games like billiards, gym, computers, library and serenity room. There is also a provision to spend time with pets. Studies have found that at least 150 minutes of walking per week and 75-minutes of jogging per week can delay health problems that come with age.

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