Qualities to Look for in Workers at 55+ Communities


There are various things that you need to focus on as you age. Some of the perks include a relaxed lifestyle, retirement, and extra time with your family. To capitalize on such opportunities, most people opt to live in 55+ communities, but there are things you need to know before committing. Below is a list of qualities that workers in 55+ communities must possess for the best possible resident experience.


Communication is crucial for workers in active adult communities, from communicating with care team members and residents to keeping in touch with loved ones and family members. Excellent communication skills keep residents comfortable and calm and ensure everyone is updated with whatever goes on inside the community. Such skills are essential in identifying needs and minor health issues to ensure they’re addressed early to minimize the possibility of developing into more severe cases.

Empathetic and Compassionate

Being empathetic enables workers in 55+ communities to understand what ill-health individuals go through to provide quality care. The kindness and love of the caregivers make life more bearable for most seniors, as some deal with health and age-related mobility issues daily. Caregiving is also about building a solid relationship and connection with residents to ensure they live happy lives.


Workers in 55+ communities must observe a robust moral code by avoiding shortcuts that may impact the well-being of seniors. Caregivers must treat residents like family members, which makes a big difference, especially in challenging situations. Aside from caring for residents, the workers must respect other team members to ensure they work seamlessly to achieve the desired goal.


Working with elderly individuals who are forgetful and slow or who cannot follow and understand instructions may be stressful. Each passing day brings new challenges, and an understanding worker helps reduce the anxiety by assisting team members in making the right decisions for those residents who require care. Individuals with personal care needs or mobility issues may struggle in their activities. Although caregivers work on a tight schedule, they must consider working with the pace of residents to improve care delivery.

Critical Thinker

Workers must be alert to minor changes in residents’ health needs to facilitate the identification of potential health issues before they become severe. Additionally, conducting problem-solving and routine risk assessments ensures that workers remain safe while offering quality care.

According to The Population Reference Bureau, there will be at least 100 million Americans aged 65 and above by 2060. This statistic indicates that seniors requiring care will double in the next 40 years. Having compassionate, patient, and educated workers will make caring for these seniors in 55+ communities easier. So, when choosing an active adult community, you are advised to research to make a proper decision for yourself or your loved one. Call Connect55+ today to learn about how our senior communities are staffed with excellent caregivers!

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