How a Local 55+ Community Will Provide an At-Home Feeling for its Residents


If you are approaching your late fifties, retirement, or shifting from formal employment to consultancy, you may start thinking about new lifestyles. A great option would be to join a local 55+ community which is specifically designed to accommodate seniors above 55 years of age in an adult living area with access to amenities and an active social life while simultaneously promoting independent living. Here are three ways a local 55+ community will provide an at-home feeling for residents.

1. Providing Easier Access to Support Services

One of the things that could worry a senior looking to move to a 55+ community is whether they will still access some of the support services they had, such as hospitals and pet care. Luckily, most local 55+ communities are located near the best medical facilities. This means residents are assured of easier and faster access to such facilities in an emergency.

2. Providing Avenues for Socializing with Peers

Home means a place of relaxing and having a community sense. If you have lived as part of a community, you may be concerned that downsizing to an independent living facility would mean downsizing your social life. Luckily, 55+ communities offer a vibrant activity-filled community filled with other seniors. Unlike an assisted living community that has 33 licensed beds on average, according to the National Center for Assisted Living, 55+ local communities are much bigger and offer endless opportunities for interaction.

3. Providing Safety and Security

Home should be a place of safety and security where you feel the most relaxed. Luckily, 55+ communities provide the same feeling of home while providing around-the-clock security. Most of the independent living communities are gated communities and are located in low-crime areas. Some 55+ communities even vet residents and staff to ensure enhanced security within the facility.

If you are looking for a local 55+ community, we can assist you. Contact us today at Connect55+ for more guidance on choosing a home with an awesome community of peers.

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